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Neck Lift Glendale, Pasadena

Neck Lift (Cervicoplasty with Platysmaplasty and Submental Liposuction) is a surgical procedure that improves and rejuvenates the central part of the neck under the chin (double chin) and lateral part of the neck under the lower jaw line. Neck Lift can be performed as an isolated procedure or in combination with Face Lift. As an isolated procedure Neck Lift provides maximum improvement in central part of the neck and moderate in lateral parts of the neck and jaw area. When performed in combination with Face Lift, there is a superior-lateral (up and back) repositioning of excess facial tissues. The procedure provides maximum improvement.

Isolated Neck Lift is an outpatient procedure that may be performed under full general anesthesia, under deep sedation, or local anesthesia.

Neck Lift is performed through a small incision in submental area (under the chin). After a subcutaneous (under the skin) dissection, a conservative liposuction is performed and accurate excision (removal) of lax (loose) neck fascia-platysma muscle complex, followed with tension-free suture reapproximation of the muscle complex in the middle of the neck under the skin. Next, a fibrin sealant (tissues glue) is sprayed under the skin and skin incision is closed with sutures in a very aesthetic fashion. Postoperatively (after the surgery), a dressing needs to be worn for 2 days and the sutures are removed in 5 days. The incision site heals very fast and scar is almost always unnoticeable.

For more information please visit an article Isolated Cervicoplasty, published by Dr. Martin Stepanyan and Dr. T. William Evans in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery.

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