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Septoplasty Glendale

Many people confuse a deviated septum and Septoplasty for the same thing. In fact, a Septoplasty Glendale is a surgery used to correct a crooked or deviated septum. So, what is a septum? Well, it’s the area of thin layer and bone between your left and right nostril. Almost everyone has a septum that is a little off center. Let’s start with a few questions:

• Are you having a hard time breathing?
• Is it getting worse as you get older?
• Is your septum blocked in one or both nostrils?
• Do you get frequent sinus infections?

What exactly is a Septoplasty?

Sometimes, breathing issues lead to frequent sinus infections. For this reason, doctors call it Sinusitis. Bacteria starts to grow in your stuffed-up nose. Doctors say this is a breeding ground for inflammation and infection. In these cases, you definitely need surgery to help.

A Septoplasty fixes the inside of your nose, and often people undergo plastic surgery as well. Sometimes they want to change the shape and size of their nose at the same time as the Septoplasty.
If your nasal cavity is not lined up correctly, then you most likely have a deviated septum. Remember, a deviated septum is the diagnosis. A Septoplasty Glendale is a surgery that corrects the deviated septum. These two phrases are often interchanged and confused.

For many people, deviations in their septum are minor, and in some cases, twisting is severe. Many people live with mild cases and no real signs. As a result, they don’t have any physical side effects. But, if you have a moderate to severe deviation, you might be having a lot of trouble breathing. Also, sleep apnea, snoring, headaches, chronic congestion, and frequent bloody noses are symptoms. Surprisingly, Fox News reports that many people don’t even know they have a deviated septum. You can read the article by clicking here.

Trauma and injury to your nose

Almost everyone is born with some deviation in their nose. If you have an extreme case of it, then it could be something you were born with. Or, it may be trauma and injury to your nose. It is widespread for sporting accidents, like a ball hitting the face, to be the cause of a deviated septum Glendale.

Here’s an interesting way to think about this issue. If it was the result of trauma, it is most likely the cause of the deformity. Sometimes, these deformities are with you from birth. Take a look at your nose from the front. Is the bridge of your nose slanted off in one direction? Is it wavy or flattened? Your nostrils may be uneven or off center, too. This is especially true if you look at your nose from above a mirror. The most common physical sign of a deviated septum Glendale is a large dorsal hump.

What does this mean? If you don’t want any cosmetic changes, but only to fix your septum, then you are a great candidate for a Septoplasty Glendale. Dr. Stepanyan starts from the interior of your nose. Next, he removes any cartilage that is blocking the nasal passage with great care. Generally, there are no incisions required. Because of this, there is no exterior scarring. Sometimes Dr. Stepanyan will place internal splints in the nasal passage. He does this to help your nose maintain its shape during the healing process.

After your operation

He will remove these during your follow up visit. The splints aren’t painful, but patients describe them as being uncomfortable. When you get a Septoplasty, there is a good chance your insurance will cover the surgery. They do this when significant breathing impairment has the opportunity for improvement.

For many patients, the trauma was so significant that it changed the shape of their nose. Both on the inside and the outside. Additionally, this causes a lot of breathing problems. These patients tend to combine a Septoplasty and cosmetic surgery to make it look better. There are a lot of surgeons that perform Rhinoplasties or nose jobs as they are also known. But, with a Septoplasty, you need to find a specialist. In choosing Dr. Stepanyan, a specialist is precisely what you will find.

Recovery timeline

It is going to be longer than average recovery with Septoplasty and cosmetic surgery. In combination, these surgeries make it more invasive and more trauma to the tissue. Swelling also takes a few months to dissipate. But anyone who has had surgery on their nose will tell you that it takes almost a whole year for the swelling to go away.

Does insurance pay for it?

Some insurance companies may cover the Septoplasty surgery. Any further costs for cosmetic changes are paid out of your own pocket. If you have a deviated septum, you most likely have some visible crookedness. Also, your nose might look imbalanced. So, having cosmetic surgery at the same time makes sense. It is beneficial to your self-image and confidence. The most significant benefit of Septoplasty is that you can breathe better. Breathing better often translates into better sleep, too. Learn more about your surgical options and call Dr. Stepanyan’s office today.


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