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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Glendale CA

Breast reduction surgery is a transformative cosmetic procedure, appreciated for its ability to alleviate physical discomfort and enhance body proportions. Achieving optimum results from a breast reduction requires the expertise of seasoned cosmetic surgery specialists.

Combining a wealth of surgical expertise, a refined aesthetic sensibility, and a patient-centric approach, Drs. Martin Stepanyan and Johnson Lee strive to provide exceptional care and outcomes in a welcoming, supportive environment. Their commitment to patient satisfaction and meticulous attention to detail make them a reliable choice for individuals seeking breast reduction surgery in Beverly Hills, Glendale, Pasadena, and the greater Los Angeles area.

Discover more about breast reduction surgery and how it can improve your comfort and appearance. We invite you to schedule a consultation with Los Angeles breast reduction surgeons Drs. Stepanyan and Lee by contacting us online or calling (818) 551-0088 today.

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, medically known as reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure to help women with large, pendulous breasts achieve a more proportional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing size.


Unlike a breast lift  or breast augmentation, which focus on elevating sagging breasts or enlarging small breasts, reduction surgery involves the removal of excess tissue, fat, and skin, thereby alleviating the discomfort associated with overly large, heavy breasts.

A breast reduction can be a life-changing solution for women experiencing physical discomfort such as back, neck, or shoulder pain, skin irritation under the breast crease, or limitations in physical activities due to their breast size. It can also address emotional distress or self-consciousness associated with large breasts. By attaining a breast size in harmony with your body frame, breast reduction surgery can significantly improve your quality of life, boosting your self-confidence and broadening your physical activity options.


What Issues Does Breast Reduction Surgery Improve?

Breast reduction surgery addresses the functional and aesthetic concerns associated with having overly large breasts, providing relief from physical discomfort while improving body proportions and overall appearance.

Aesthetic Issues

  • Proportional resizing: Breast reduction surgery helps in achieving a more balanced proportions by resizing the breasts to be in harmony with the rest of the body.
  • Reshaping: Through breast reduction, the breasts appear firmer and more toned, enhancing your overall contours.
  • Nipple reshaping and repositioning: The surgery can also correct enlarged or downward-facing nipples by reshaping and repositioning them to a more aesthetically pleasing position.
  • Improved symmetry: By addressing size and shape discrepancies between the breasts, breast reduction surgery can improve symmetry, providing a more balanced appearance.


Medical Issues

  • Alleviation of physical discomfort: Individuals with large breasts often experience back, neck, or shoulder pain, skin irritation beneath the breast fold, and indentations from bra straps. Breast reduction surgery alleviates such issues by reducing the weight and size of the breasts.
  • Enhanced mobility and physical activity: The reduction in breast size can significantly improve mobility and allow for a broader range of physical activities, which might have previously been restricted.
  • Improved posture: The weight of large breasts can lead to poor posture and related issues. By reducing this weight, breast reduction surgery can contribute to improved posture and alleviate associated discomfort.
  • Increased confidence and quality of life: Much like other cosmetic procedures, breast reduction surgery can significantly boost self-confidence and body image, positively impacting your quality of life.

Am I a Good Candidate for Beverly Hills Breast Reduction Surgery?

Women seeking relief from the physical and emotional discomfort associated with overly large breasts could be potential candidates for breast reduction surgery. Here are some factors to consider before committing to this procedure.

  • Physical health: Being in good health is essential when considering any surgery, even one done primarily for cosmetic reasons. The procedure requires anesthesia and carries inherent risks, so it’s crucial for any chronic conditions like diabetes or cardiovascular issues to be well-managed. Healthy patients are more likely to have a smoother surgical experience and better healing.
  • Age: While there isn’t a specific age requirement for a breast reduction, we recommend waiting until your breasts have fully finished developing before considering this surgery. It’s also advisable to hold off on surgery until you have finished adding to your family, as pregnancy and breastfeeding can alter the surgical results.
  • Non-smoking: It’s well-established that smoking can interfere with the body’s natural healing process, posing potential complications during and after surgery. Please quit smoking or vaping at least two weeks before surgery and remain smoke-free while you recover.
  • Realistic expectations: Having realistic expectations is crucial when considering breast reduction surgery. While this procedure reduces breast size and alleviates associated discomfort, it cannot drastically change every area of your life. Ideally, you should also pursue this surgery for personal satisfaction and well-being rather than trying to live up to external pressures or unrealistic ideals.
  • Breast size: Women with overly large, heavy breasts that cause physical discomfort or impact daily activities and self-confidence are typically good candidates for breast reduction surgery.
  • Commitment to post-surgical care: Being ready to adhere to post-operative instructions and maintain a healthy lifestyle post-surgery is crucial for achieving and maintaining the best possible results.
Stepanyan Surgical Arts

Specializing in Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Martin Stepanyan is a Board Certified surgeon with over 15 years of excellent education, extensive training and over 22 years of successful practice in the field of Cosmetic & 
Reconstructive Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Why Choose Dr. Stepanyan and Dr. Lee for Breast Reduction Surgery in Los Angeles?

Their unparalleled care and proven outcomes in breast reduction surgery make Drs. Stepanyan and Lee among the top choices for anyone seeking to alleviate the discomfort and enhance the aesthetics associated with overly large breasts. Their expertise in breast reduction procedures ensures results that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also lasting, significantly improving the quality of life.

Cutting-edge three-dimensional imaging technology is a hallmark of this practice, enabling precise surgical planning and delivering more predictable outcomes. This advanced technology provides a clear visualization of the expected results, aligning closely with individual aesthetic and comfort goals.

Above all, Drs. Stepanyan’s and Lee’s commitment to offering personalized, empathetic care is evident. Their thorough consultations, coupled with a keen eye for detail, ensure each patient achieves natural-looking results that celebrate their unique beauty. By choosing Drs. Stepanyan and Lee, you opt for superior care and long-lasting outcomes that enhance your life.

Achieve A Natural Look

What Does Dr. Stepanyan and Dr. Lee’s Beverly Hills Breast Reduction Procedure Involve?

This practice takes a personalized, thorough approach to each patient’s breast reduction procedure, ensuring safety at every turn. The process encompasses several steps before, during, and after the procedure.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Glendale, CA

As leading experts in breast reduction surgery, Drs. Stepanyan and Lee rank among the top surgeons in the greater Los Angeles area. Having alleviated the physical discomfort and enhanced the self-confidence of hundreds of patients through breast reduction, they possess the expertise to guide you on your transformative journey.

Learn more by booking an appointment with Dr. Stepanyan or Dr. Lee today. You can schedule your consultation here or by calling (818) 551-0088.

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